Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

My first time linking up here with things I love Thursday!

I love when I go to type the word things and auto correct makes it into thongs.

I love when my hubby comes home after being gone at work for four days!

I love my new tamron lens and how to use it.

I love that I have started my own blog finally!

I love that this weekend is the 4th of July!

I love our little home in the country.

I love making story boards.

I am lovvving pinterest.... Leave me a comment and I will follow you!

Most of all I love my little bugger and the fact that he rolled over and started clapping in the same day!

What do you love?

Days Filled With Love

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If I Wasn't Breastfeeding....

If I was not breast feeding I would chug a tall drink right now! I have nothing in life to complain about but today has been one of those silly days.

It started at two am this morning. I got up to pee and I hear, " wild thing you make my heart sing you make everything groovy. Wild thing" over and over. I go searching through Owens toy basket looking for that adorable lion his grandpa got for him on Valentines Day. The lion is dancing around under a blanket so he is not hard to spot. Here I am half asleep searching for the off button, there must be an off button, right? I got tired of searching for one, so I just gave the thing a good smack and it shut up. I wander back to bed and get all comfy. I'm about to drift off and I hear, " wild thing you make my heart sing you make everything groovy. Wild thing".

Now I am annoyed. I trudge back to the cute and adorable lion and once again search for the off button. Well, there isn't one so the lion and I go on a hunt for a screwdriver at two am.

I find the screw driver and begin trying to unscrew the singing and dancing lion. The screw will not turn, no matter how hard I try. I am very angry at this point and remind myself to send grandpa a thank you note in the morning for this gift.

Nothing is working to shut this thing off so I toss him in the mud room and shut the door. Then it stops singing.... Finally. After I get back into bed I hear, "wild thing you make my heart sing you make everything groooovy. Wild thing.". I stomp out of bed, slam the door and turn the fan on high.

I won't even yell you what I heard first thing this morning. Luckily Uncle Dan was here today and he was able to unscrew it and save me from the lion.

So that was my morning. Today was funny too. I moved everything off the carpet in the loving room to steam clean the floors. It worked great and the carpet looks awesome and white. Since the floor was wet and the kitchen area was packed with furniture, I decided to go visit great grandparents. I took tons of pictures while visiting and had a great afternoon. I went to check out all of the pictures and realized I accidentally deleted the entire disk. There is a way to save all of the pictures but it's going to take a while. That was crappy. Speaking of crap. You know those white carpets I was just talking about? When I got back home about four hours after leaving, there was a large pile of crap in the middle of my newly shampooed and white living room carpet! Yes. Awesome. I love my dogs.

I guess they don't appreciate a clean house. At least we are all healthy! Here's to a great week!

Rolling and Clapping!

What a big day for Owen! He is rolling from back to belly AND clapping his hands together. Two new things in one day. He gets so excited when he rolls over that he just laughs at himself. I love it, so cute and I couldn't be more proud.

Some Backyard Beauties!

I had a blast with my new camera lens yesterday, but I still have a ton to learn.  Here are a couple favorites straight out of the camera from last night.

Toddle Along Tuesday!

Come link up with Toddle Along Tuesday!  Gain new followers, make new friends, and check out lots of other cool mom blogs! I'm happy to say that I have gained a couple more followers since joining TAT and I love looking at all the other mom blogs I find there!

  Head on over to Our Growing Garden or Growing Up Geeky!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

What? Merry Christmas? Yup Merry early Christmas to mommy! I have been saving up for this puppy since January and she finally came. Be excited for lots of pictures.

My new camera lens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And some baby cuteness. We had to break out the 9 month pajamas last night!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laundry Love

When nothing else will make a fussy baby happy, put him in a laundry basket! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

9 months

Woo hoo! Our little man is 9 months old!
He's been on the outside as long as he was on the inside.
He's getting so big and he's such a smart and fun little stinker to be around
Let's see what he's been up to.....
He's 18 lbs and has two pearly whites on the bottom, which he loves to use to bite!

LOVES eating our table food.  I'm sure I won't be making his puree's all that much longer.  He has sampled lots and lots of foods, such as: scrambles eggs, sausage, gravy, mashed and baked potato, noodles, toast, breads, brownie, cheese, all kinds of fruits, clam chowder, chicken, mac and cheese and lots lots more!  He gets so excited when we put our food in his mouth.
He can drink from his own sippy cup and loves ice water....and Daddy's Pepsi!

He will play for such a long time on his own, while sitting on the floor.  That's his favorite place to play lately, surrounded by all of his toys.  His favorite toys this month are his stacking cups, books with flaps that lift, anything from the kitchen especially measuring cups, and his big dolphin from Grandpa Scott.  Yesterday, I bought him a thing of foam alphabet letters for the bath tub, you would have thought I gave him a million bucks.  He loves those letters!  He's also much more interested in his cars that go across the carpet now that he's sitting up.  Sitting up is still pretty much all he's doing.  He doesn't roll over or scooch much and there's no crawling yet, hopefully never!  I love my immobile baby.  He'll go backwards when he feels like it, but that's about it.

He loves playing the drop game and peek-a-boo.  He likes when we say, "No Owen, don't drop that."  He just grins and drops it.  Charlie and Daisy continue to make him laugh and they hang out around his high chair while he eats, waiting for him to drop them his food. 
He knows how to get his way...some say he may be spoiled....

My FAVORITE thing he just started doing is giving kisses.  He will open his mouth really wide and lean into you when you ask for a kiss.  THE cutest thing EVER!  Owen got his little bump removed last Monday and he did an awesome job.  Everything went well and you can hardly tell anything was done.  Owen was flirting with the nurses and making them laugh before we left the hospital.  He loves yelling loudly and making lots of noises, still mostly just ma-ma, da-da.  Today he pooped in the bath tub for the first time, which led to him being held over the potty so he finished his poop on the potty at 9 months!  TMI?  Sorry! 
He's awesome and we lovvvvvvvvvve him! 

Saturday Morning Scene! Sweet Potatoes


Making baby food today! First on this list- sweet potatoes! Then we have plums, pears, and peaches to purée! The little man turns 9 months today too! Woo hoo! Happy Saturday morning.  *Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic!*

Head on over and link up with Saturday Morning Scene!

Saturday Morning Scene

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello There!

Saying HI to my three newest followers.  Heather, Momma M and Nikki! Welcome and thank you for following...I am up to 5 followers now! Woot!


Today's post was inspired by this momma here.  Seriously, check her out.  She asks what I will do today and today I will:

I will enjoy the rain storm that is looming in the sky.

I will think more about opening an Etsy shop.

I will work more on my photography.

I will clean out my mess of a truck!

I will snuggle longer with my hubby tonight.

I will make some more cards.

I will play on the floor with the O-Dawg.

I will post a friendly hello to my newest followers.

I will share those yummy strawberries with Owen that I just bought at the market.

What will you do today?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday!

Come link up with Toddle Along Tuesday!  Gain new followers, make new friends, and check out lots of other cool mom blogs!  I have only had this blog for a few days, so I'm excited to meet new people...and gain a follower or two.  Head on over to Our Growing Garden or Growing Up Geeky!

Come join us!

The Animal!

Have you ever had a vaccum that made you wish you had more carpet to clean?  Yeah, me either, until now.  We recently moved into the inlaws old house which has lots of white carpet--yikes!  We also have two white dogs with lots of dog hair, which doesn't mix well with a baby who is always on the floor.  Needless to say, the old Kirby was not cutting it anymore.  No matter how much I ran that vaccum, there was still a ton of dog hair!  I researched my little heart out for weeks and weeks and finally decided on this baby.... the Dyson Animal. 

Dyson Ball DC25 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner-Metallic/Purple

I am in LOVE.  I literally vaccum every floor, every day.  It's FUN...can you believe I just said that? Vaccuming is fun.  This thing sucks up so much stuff, I can't believe how dirty these floors were before this baby came into my life.  Plus I can run it on my tile in the kitchen and see all the dog hair just diappear.  I love it.....and the best part is I no longer feel bad plopping Owen on the floor to play!  My floors are clean and that is exciting!    *Dyson didn't pay me or ask me to write this post!* I just had to share!  Does anyone else have a Dyson that they are in love with?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Wanderings....

Wander through my weekend with me...won't you?

Every Saturday morning I wake up and lay in  bed, playing a little slide-show in my head about what I hope the weekend looks like.  There's little birdies chirping and there's pretty colors and smiling faces. *cut to the noise of the scratching record* Instead the reality is poop in the pool and our first projectile vomiting.

Our Saturday morning started out with bug playing on the couch and watching cartoons with Daddy, while I slaved in the kitchen.  We had sausage and eggs mixed up and melted with shredded cheese...mmmmmmmm.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls ain't got nothin' on me!

Next we went outside and watched Daddy run the weed-whacker because that is more fun than doing any of the other things that Momma tried to do!  Bug is mesmerised by the weed-whacker, lawn mower, name it...he loves it!

After nap time I plopped bug in his little pool outside, with a cute little swim diap on his tush.  The pool is white, it is actually what was his little bath tub as a newborn.  While splashing along in the water with all of his toys, this conversation occurred:

Hubs: He looks like he's having fun, but I think the water is too warm.
Me: Nah, it's fine, if it's too cool then he gets chilly quick being outside.
Me: Huh, but the water looks like it's not very clear...kinda looks yellowish.....

I then get up to check out the water a little more closely and notice some yellow sludge like stuff coming out the back of bug's diaper.  I then proclaim to hubs that YES there's poop coming out of his diaper!
I sweep him up out of the water and proceed to scrub him down and his bath and his toys....this made for a fun afternoon, I couldn't stop laughing.  I can't imagine the mess had I let him go commando like I always do. 

I found a yummy treat while blog hopping and decided to try it out....however I can not find the lovely blog that I found it on.  Maybe you remember reading about it?  So simple, you smash up Oreo Cookie and mix in a package of cream cheese then roll that into little balls.  Then, you smash it between two pretzels and drizzle some chocolate on top. simple and so yummy!  This was fun to make with bug because he loved smashing the baggie of Oreo's for me.

Later that day, my in-laws came to visit.  I LOVE them..seriously love them.  They are the greatest and we always have so much fun together. We hung out outside and just visited and bug got to sit on the tractor.
After dark, I took off to mom's with bug for a little camp fire and s'mores with my brother's (I have three younger ones) and friends.

Sunday morning came, Father's Day!  French Toast for breakfast...yum!  We headed up to hubs mom and dads house to spend time with his brother and their three little ones...all under the age of four.  We went to Home-Depot and bought Daddy a new grill for his gift.  Now I can try lots of new creations on a new grill, I'm so excited.  Now I just have to learn how to turn it on without blowing myself up, I don't know WHY  but that always freaks me out! 

After buying the grill we returned back to the in-laws because bug had not napped at all that day, and it was 3:30.  He us usually on his second or third nap by this time, but he was in a good mood!  After a nice two hour nap with momma, it was time to play with the screamies...that's what we call the cousins.  All of the kids were dressed so nicely that I said, "HEY!  We need to get a group shot of them all."  So here's the beautiful bench in the back yard by the coy pond where this event took place.  It was not a disaster, as one might expect getting four kids to look at the camera at the same time might be.  This never happened, they all looked every which way and tried to crawl over top of the bench.  I'm sure you'd rather see a picture of the four lovelies and not just a picture of the bench, but that's for a whole other post, why I can't post their faces on this blog.  Oiy.....
Finally, in the evening, we took all the screamies and bug to a nice restaurant for dinner.  They were all very well behaved and we had a great time.  Bug ate my french toast with fresh berries and tried sips of his dad's Pepsi...shame on us, I know. 

Isn't is funny how when a you bring four kids under the age of four to a nice place, they stick your table as far away from the other people as possible?  It was pretty funny and I didn't mind.  I am proud of how they behaved this time around.  Later we went outside and played on the swings that they have out front and watched the swans on the pond.  It's a very nice place with a country type decor and I hope to go back soon.  Here is a picture I took of a sign hanging on the wall there, I'm going to pin it on pinterest and try to make one myself. 

Oh wait, you still want to hear about the projectile vom incident?  Okay...Bug fussed the whole way home, even with a movie playing for him.  We had about 15 minutes left in our trip home and he was screaming louder than teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert, seriously.  So, what is a mom to do?  Why, whip out your boob, lean over his car seat, and give the boy what he wants.  This was my first time EVER doing this and let me tell you, it was weird.  I would rather have the uncomfortable ride home with the car seat jabbing me in the ribs than listen to him scream.  What an experience that was, just another one to add to the books!

Anyways, he is finally lulled to sleep and we pull into the driway.  Wait, the car just stopped? Que wide eyes.  I haul bug out of his seat and into bed, where I try nursing him back to sleep.  This starts a screaming fit again and I am confused at the problem.  Sometimes he likes to lay across my belly and nurse so we try that, nope, not having it.  I sit him up and blaaahhhhhhhhh come a gallon of breast milk, french toast, berries, and Pepsi.  *I hope you're not eating anything right now.*
I scream for hubs to get up there and help me.  Bug is feeling better now and is all smiles as I sit in his vom.  It is all pretty funny and I laugh at this first time experience as I strip off my clothes and strip the sheets off the bed.  I walk into the bathroom to clean off and bug is sitting in the tub splashing in the water with a big ole grin on his face.  What a weekend!  One and done sounded good to me after that night! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day card part 2

Here his my crafty babes card for his daddy! I inked his little hand and added cotton to the "belly" of the sheep. Then I just added that to a card I made and added my title!

It's supposed to be a sheep but this picture quality looks horrible!

Also bad quality but this white part of the card is the one bug shook in the bag. I used it on the inside of the card to write the message!

Ta-da! What did you all make?

Saturday Morning Scene: Weed Wacker!

A little sneak peak into our Saturday morning........My first Saturday Morning Scene!  YAY!

Watching daddy run the weed wacker takes away the fussies! And it was so hot out, so all of those brand new summer clothes Grandma just spent load of dough on?  Hanging in the closet!

Saturday Morning Scene

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stitches, Band-Aids and Weeds!

Owen was born with a very small cyst on his head, no biggie.  Monday came time to have it removed so we packed up and drove two hours to our closest children's hospital.  It was a difficult day since he needed anesthesia for the procedure, but he was a champ and had no problems!  Today we went to our pediatrician to have the three small stitches removed.  Daddy says he just wanted to be like him and get started on his scars a little early!
Now he is rockin' a cool Charlie Brown Band-Aid!

Bugs most favorite happy place is out side!  My flower bed has been neglected for a few weeks so bug chilled on his blanket while I pulled weeds.  That got boring, so I decided to join him and hang out.  What a nice day to lay out and look at the clouds without a worry in the world!  Then a saw a huge rain cloud coming, so I packed up our blanket and as soon as I shut the door, it started pouring. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all of the DADS out there!  I'll be posting our cards and creations soon!  PS-Pinterest is my new obsession!

Father's Day Card Part 1

Here is the beginning to the Father's Day card that bug is making for his daddy.

Here are the steps. It's so easy and keeps them entertained for a good fifteen minutes at least.

First freeze ice cubes with your choice of food coloring added to them.

Next, put a piece of card stock in a zip lock bag with a couple of the colored ice cubes.

Last, hand the baggie over to the artist and let them shake away!

The cubes will slide all around the paper and make beautiful colors. I found that you have to switch up the cubes after a few minutes because once they melt too much it just soaks the paper.

We will make this into part of his Father's Day card which I will share when it's done.

Try it out, it's a big hit with the noise, texture and cold!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back Yard Beauties

Here are a few of the flowers we have growing around the house!

My Top 5 Blogs

I have been following blogs since I started trying to get pregnant back in July of 2009.  These are the top five that I have been following since then...or a little while after that!

I Love You More Than Carrots

The Power of the Pink Lines

The Family Szem

Our Growing Garden

We're Really Great!

Those are the top five I've been following for a lonnnngggg time!  I've learned tons from these momma's and have had a ton of laughs...oh yeah...they have pretty stinkin' cute babies go visit them! 

I have about twenty more blogs on my google reader, but I'll share those another time!  Enjoy!

The Fuzzy Babies

Here are our fuzzy babies...two English Bulldogs..Charlie on the left and Daisy on the right.  They have been with us for many years now and they are the most spoiled ever!  Little Red LOVES them to pieces...he giggles at them when they walk by and yells at them when they are play fighting.  He just started grabbing at their faces which makes them roll onto their backs, looking for a belly rub!

What I'm Up To...

This week I am....
  • selling a whole bunch of stuff on EBAY to buy this beauty...Tamron
  • starting my public blog to share with all of the mommas that I LOVE following
  • he's only 8 months...but it's never too soon to starting thinking of his first birthday theme
  • making Father's Day cards and gifts...I will post those pictures when they are done!
  • trying some new recipes in the kitchen
  • enjoying the cool weather we are having
  • playing Hanging With Friends, my new addiction
  • VOTING for lots of blogs that I love on Top Baby Blogs 


Welcome to my little blog world.  I have had a private blog for a few years now and decided it was time to say HI to the blog world!  I hope to gain followers and make lots of friends.  There is still a TON of work to be done on this blog to make it just right, but why wait to say howdy, I say!  A little about me--First time SAHM of an 8 month old red head!  The hubby and I have two English Bulldogs, I used to be a teacher and my hubby is a farmer.  We have a bunch of chickens and a couple turkey and an occasional bear or two in the yard.  I breastfeed, baby wear and co-sleep...oh yes and I LOVE making my own baby food.  I'll get posting more soon...I don't do well in the wonderful word department but I LOVE photography and take tons of pictures to make up for the words... = )