Saturday, June 25, 2011

9 months

Woo hoo! Our little man is 9 months old!
He's been on the outside as long as he was on the inside.
He's getting so big and he's such a smart and fun little stinker to be around
Let's see what he's been up to.....
He's 18 lbs and has two pearly whites on the bottom, which he loves to use to bite!

LOVES eating our table food.  I'm sure I won't be making his puree's all that much longer.  He has sampled lots and lots of foods, such as: scrambles eggs, sausage, gravy, mashed and baked potato, noodles, toast, breads, brownie, cheese, all kinds of fruits, clam chowder, chicken, mac and cheese and lots lots more!  He gets so excited when we put our food in his mouth.
He can drink from his own sippy cup and loves ice water....and Daddy's Pepsi!

He will play for such a long time on his own, while sitting on the floor.  That's his favorite place to play lately, surrounded by all of his toys.  His favorite toys this month are his stacking cups, books with flaps that lift, anything from the kitchen especially measuring cups, and his big dolphin from Grandpa Scott.  Yesterday, I bought him a thing of foam alphabet letters for the bath tub, you would have thought I gave him a million bucks.  He loves those letters!  He's also much more interested in his cars that go across the carpet now that he's sitting up.  Sitting up is still pretty much all he's doing.  He doesn't roll over or scooch much and there's no crawling yet, hopefully never!  I love my immobile baby.  He'll go backwards when he feels like it, but that's about it.

He loves playing the drop game and peek-a-boo.  He likes when we say, "No Owen, don't drop that."  He just grins and drops it.  Charlie and Daisy continue to make him laugh and they hang out around his high chair while he eats, waiting for him to drop them his food. 
He knows how to get his way...some say he may be spoiled....

My FAVORITE thing he just started doing is giving kisses.  He will open his mouth really wide and lean into you when you ask for a kiss.  THE cutest thing EVER!  Owen got his little bump removed last Monday and he did an awesome job.  Everything went well and you can hardly tell anything was done.  Owen was flirting with the nurses and making them laugh before we left the hospital.  He loves yelling loudly and making lots of noises, still mostly just ma-ma, da-da.  Today he pooped in the bath tub for the first time, which led to him being held over the potty so he finished his poop on the potty at 9 months!  TMI?  Sorry! 
He's awesome and we lovvvvvvvvvve him! 

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