Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Animal!

Have you ever had a vaccum that made you wish you had more carpet to clean?  Yeah, me either, until now.  We recently moved into the inlaws old house which has lots of white carpet--yikes!  We also have two white dogs with lots of dog hair, which doesn't mix well with a baby who is always on the floor.  Needless to say, the old Kirby was not cutting it anymore.  No matter how much I ran that vaccum, there was still a ton of dog hair!  I researched my little heart out for weeks and weeks and finally decided on this baby.... the Dyson Animal. 

Dyson Ball DC25 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner-Metallic/Purple

I am in LOVE.  I literally vaccum every floor, every day.  It's FUN...can you believe I just said that? Vaccuming is fun.  This thing sucks up so much stuff, I can't believe how dirty these floors were before this baby came into my life.  Plus I can run it on my tile in the kitchen and see all the dog hair just diappear.  I love it.....and the best part is I no longer feel bad plopping Owen on the floor to play!  My floors are clean and that is exciting!    *Dyson didn't pay me or ask me to write this post!* I just had to share!  Does anyone else have a Dyson that they are in love with?


  1. were you able to find any deals when you were shopping for this? i have always wanted a dyson but its so expensive!!

  2. No. = ( I had to break the bank with this one. But I figured if I got a crappy one for $200 then I would have to replace that in a few years anyway and buy another one for $200. So it helped me with the final cost. I got it on amazon. I must say, it was totally worth it.

  3. did you do research to figure out what the difference was between the different ball ones? was the animal one that much different? i know they have a multi-surface one as well (orange). i may have to bite the bullet and get one soon too. i really hate how i can never get all the cat hair up...!