Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Card Part 1

Here is the beginning to the Father's Day card that bug is making for his daddy.

Here are the steps. It's so easy and keeps them entertained for a good fifteen minutes at least.

First freeze ice cubes with your choice of food coloring added to them.

Next, put a piece of card stock in a zip lock bag with a couple of the colored ice cubes.

Last, hand the baggie over to the artist and let them shake away!

The cubes will slide all around the paper and make beautiful colors. I found that you have to switch up the cubes after a few minutes because once they melt too much it just soaks the paper.

We will make this into part of his Father's Day card which I will share when it's done.

Try it out, it's a big hit with the noise, texture and cold!

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