Thursday, June 16, 2011


Welcome to my little blog world.  I have had a private blog for a few years now and decided it was time to say HI to the blog world!  I hope to gain followers and make lots of friends.  There is still a TON of work to be done on this blog to make it just right, but why wait to say howdy, I say!  A little about me--First time SAHM of an 8 month old red head!  The hubby and I have two English Bulldogs, I used to be a teacher and my hubby is a farmer.  We have a bunch of chickens and a couple turkey and an occasional bear or two in the yard.  I breastfeed, baby wear and co-sleep...oh yes and I LOVE making my own baby food.  I'll get posting more soon...I don't do well in the wonderful word department but I LOVE photography and take tons of pictures to make up for the words... = )

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